Uses of Interface

Packages that use ClientResponse

Uses of ClientResponse in org.apache.wink.client

Methods in org.apache.wink.client that return ClientResponse
 ClientResponse Resource.delete()
          Invoke the DELETE method
 ClientResponse Resource.get()
          Invoke the GET method
 ClientResponse ClientWebException.getResponse()
          Get the ClientResponse of the invocation
 ClientResponse AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler.handle(ClientRequest request, HandlerContext context)
 ClientResponse Resource.head()
          Invoke the HEAD method
 ClientResponse Resource.options()
          Invoke the OPTIONS method
 ClientResponse requestEntity)
          Invoke the POST method
 ClientResponse Resource.put(Object requestEntity)
          Invoke the PUT method

Constructors in org.apache.wink.client with parameters of type ClientResponse
ClientWebException(ClientRequest request, ClientResponse response)

Uses of ClientResponse in org.apache.wink.client.handlers

Methods in org.apache.wink.client.handlers that return ClientResponse
 ClientResponse HandlerContext.doChain(ClientRequest request)
          Call the next handler on the chain.
 ClientResponse ProxyAuthSecurityHandler.handle(ClientRequest request, HandlerContext context)
          Performs basic HTTP authentication and proxy authentication, if necessary.
 ClientResponse ClientHandler.handle(ClientRequest request, HandlerContext context)
          This method is invoked for every request invocation to allow the handler to perform custom actions during the invocation.
 ClientResponse BasicAuthSecurityHandler.handle(ClientRequest request, HandlerContext context)
          Performs basic HTTP authentication and proxy authentication, if necessary.

Methods in org.apache.wink.client.handlers with parameters of type ClientResponse
 InputStream InputStreamAdapter.adapt(InputStream is, ClientResponse response)
          This method is called in order to wrap the response input stream with another input stream to allow the manipulation of the response entity stream.

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