Package org.apache.wink.client

Interface Summary
ClientRequest Represents a request issued by invoking any one of the invocation methods on a Resource.
ClientResponse Represents an http response that was received after invoking any one of the invocation methods on a Resource.
Resource Represents a web resource, enabling the invocation of different http methods

Class Summary
ApacheHttpClientConfig Deprecated.  
AsyncHttpClientConfiguration Configure the AsyncHttpClient
AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler Extends AbstractConnectionHandler and uses AsyncHttpClient to perform HTTP request execution.
ClientConfig Provides client configuration.
EntityType<T> The EntityType is used to specify the class type and the generic type of responses.
RestClient The RestClient is the entry point for all rest service operations.

Exception Summary
ClientAuthenticationException A clientruntime exception thrown for security authentication related exceptions.
ClientConfigException Exception that is thrown for illegal configuration operations
ClientRuntimeException Exception used to indicate runtime exception during client invocations
ClientWebException An exception that indicates that an http error code was returned from the server

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