Class AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler

  extended by org.apache.wink.client.internal.handlers.AbstractConnectionHandler
      extended by org.apache.wink.client.AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, ClientHandler, ConnectionHandler

public class AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler
extends org.apache.wink.client.internal.handlers.AbstractConnectionHandler
implements Closeable

Extends AbstractConnectionHandler and uses AsyncHttpClient to perform HTTP request execution.

Constructor Summary
AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler(com.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClient asyncHttpClient)
Method Summary
 void close()
 ClientResponse handle(ClientRequest request, HandlerContext context)
          This method is invoked for every request invocation to allow the handler to perform custom actions during the invocation.
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adaptInputStream, adaptOutputStream, writeEntity
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Constructor Detail


public AsyncHttpClientConnectionHandler(com.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClient asyncHttpClient)
Method Detail


public void close()
           throws IOException
Specified by:
close in interface Closeable


public ClientResponse handle(ClientRequest request,
                             HandlerContext context)
                      throws Exception
Description copied from interface: ClientHandler
This method is invoked for every request invocation to allow the handler to perform custom actions during the invocation. This method may be called more that once for a single request, so handlers are must be prepared to handle such situations.

Specified by:
handle in interface ClientHandler
request - a modifiable ClientRequest containing the request details
context - the handler context
a ClientResponse instance containing the response details
Exception - any exception can be thrown by a handler and it will be caught by the underlying client implementation and wrapped in a ClientRuntimeException

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