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Uses of EntityType in org.apache.wink.client

Methods in org.apache.wink.client with parameters of type EntityType
<T> T
Resource.delete(EntityType<T> responseEntity)
          Invoke the DELETE method
<T> T
Resource.get(EntityType<T> responseEntity)
          Invoke the GET method
<T> T
ClientResponse.getEntity(EntityType<T> entityType)
          Get the response entity.
<T> T
Resource.invoke(String method, EntityType<T> responseEntity, Object requestEntity)
          Invoke a request to the uri associated with the resource, and with any headers and attributes set on the resource.
<T> T<T> responseEntity, Object requestEntity)
          Invoke the POST method
<T> T
Resource.put(EntityType<T> responseEntity, Object requestEntity)
          Invoke the PUT method

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