Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find examples for using Wink?

Wink distributions comes bundled with several examples ilustarting how to use the server and client.
All the examples are located in the Wink/examples directory of the distribution zip.

Does Wink have an integration with spring? Can I expose my REST services using Spring Remoting?

Yes, it provides an extension module with the Spring integration. However, Wink doesn't use Spring Remoting.

Is there an integration with Struts?

Wink does not have an integration with struts.

Can Wink be used in the same WAR with Struts?

Yes, Wink and the code you develop over it can be used inside any WAR.

Have you tested consuming REST resources developed using Wink from a REST client developed using other tools?

Sure. We have tested it from variety of clients including IE, Firefox, Outlook, Apache Abdera, Sun Rome, etc.

Does Wink support query parameters?


Are there any plans for developing an IDE plugin wrapper for Wink?

We are considering this option for the Eclipse IDE.

Building the Apache Wink

What version of Maven is used to build Wink?

Wink is built using Maven 2, version 2.0.9.

Where can I read about Maven?

Maven site:

Maven FAQ:

I am getting an OutOfMemoryException when performing a full build

If you are getting OutOfMemoryException when attempting a full build, you may try increasing the max heap and the PermGen space sizes. Either export a MAVEN_OPTS variable in your shell or add it to the original mvn script.

MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

Can I build the sources if I am not connected to the network?

If you know your downloads are up-to-date, you can use the offline option which may speed up your build considerably depending on network latency:

mvn -o

Some tests fail during the build. Where can I see what happened?

Surefire, which is the default Maven test runner, outputs all tests reports as a set of xml and text files to the target/surefire-reports directory. Any test failure details and stack traces end up in those files, and not in the console. The output can be temporarily redirected to the console by adding the following option:

mvn -Dsurefire.useFile=false