Class Set

  extended by org.apache.wink.webdav.model.Set

public class Set
extends Object

The set XML element per the WebDAV specification [RFC 4918]

    Name:       set
    Namespace:  DAV:
    Purpose:    Lists the DAV property values to be set for a resource.
    Description: The set XML element MUST contain only a prop XML
    element.  The elements contained by the prop XML element inside the
    set XML element MUST specify the name and value of properties that
    are set on the resource identified by Request-URI.  If a property
    already exists then its value is replaced. Language tagging
    information in the property's value (in the "xml:lang" attribute, if
    present) MUST be persistently stored along with the property, and
    MUST be subsequently retrievable using PROPFIND.
    <!ELEMENT set (prop) >

Field Summary
protected  Prop prop
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Prop getProp()
          Gets the value of the prop property.
 void setProp(Prop value)
          Sets the value of the prop property.
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Field Detail


protected Prop prop
Constructor Detail


public Set()
Method Detail


public Prop getProp()
Gets the value of the prop property.

possible object is Prop


public void setProp(Prop value)
Sets the value of the prop property.

value - allowed object is Prop

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