Class Remove

  extended by org.apache.wink.webdav.model.Remove

public class Remove
extends Object

The remove XML element per the WebDAV specification [RFC 4918]

    Name:       remove
    Namespace:  DAV:
    Purpose:    Lists the DAV properties to be removed from a resource.
    Description: Remove instructs that the properties specified in prop
    should be removed.  Specifying the removal of a property that does
    not exist is not an error.  All the XML elements in a prop XML
    element inside of a remove XML element MUST be empty, as only the
    names of properties to be removed are required.
    <!ELEMENT remove (prop) >

Field Summary
protected  Prop prop
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Prop getProp()
          Gets the value of the prop property.
 void setProp(Prop value)
          Sets the value of the prop property.
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Field Detail


protected Prop prop
Constructor Detail


public Remove()
Method Detail


public Prop getProp()
Gets the value of the prop property.

possible object is Prop


public void setProp(Prop value)
Sets the value of the prop property.

value - allowed object is Prop

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