Class Omit

  extended by org.apache.wink.webdav.model.Omit

public class Omit
extends Object

The omit XML element per the WebDAV specification [RFC 4918]

    Name:       omit
    Namespace:  DAV:
    Purpose:    The omit XML element instructs the server that it should
    use best effort to copy properties but a failure to copy a property
    MUST NOT cause the method to fail.  Description: The default behavior
    for a COPY or MOVE is to copy/move all properties or fail the method.
    In certain circumstances, such as when a server copies a resource
    over another protocol such as FTP, it may not be possible to
    copy/move the properties associated with the resource. Thus any
    attempt to copy/move over FTP would always have to fail because
    properties could not be moved over, even as dead properties.  All DAV
    compliant resources MUST support the omit XML element on COPY/MOVE
    <!ELEMENT omit EMPTY >

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public Omit()

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