Package org.apache.wink.json4j

Interface Summary
JSONArtifact Interface class to define a set of generic apis both JSONObject and JSONArray implement.
JSONString An interface that can be implemented to make a particular object have an easy to use JSON representation.

Class Summary
JSON Helper class that does generic parsing of a JSON stream and returns the appropriate JSON structure (JSONArray or JSONObject).
JSONArray Extension of ArrayList that only allows values which are JSON-able.
JSONObject Models a JSON Object.
JSONStringer This class implements a JSONSringer, a basic convenience subclass of JSONWriter to allow for generating JSON strings quickly.
JSONWriter This class implements a JSONWrier, a convenience function for writing out JSON to a writer or underlying stream.
OrderedJSONObject Extension of the basic JSONObject.

Exception Summary
JSONException Class that implements an exception type thrown by all JSON classes as a common exception when JSON handling errors occur.

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