Class AtomCommonAttributes

  extended by org.apache.wink.common.model.atom.AtomCommonAttributes
Direct Known Subclasses:
AppCollection, AppService, AppWorkspace, AtomCategory, AtomContent, AtomEntry, AtomFeed, AtomLink, AtomText

public class AtomCommonAttributes
extends Object

Common attributes Per RFC4287

 Any element defined by this specification MAY have an xml:base attribute
 [W3C.REC-xmlbase-20010627]. When xml:base is used in an Atom Document, it serves the function
 described in section 5.1.1 of [RFC3986], establishing the base URI (or IRI) for resolving any
 relative references found within the effective scope of the xml:base attribute.
 Any element defined by this specification MAY have an xml:lang attribute, whose content indicates
 the natural language for the element and its descendents. The language context is only
 significant for elements and attributes declared to be "Language- Sensitive" by this
 specification. Requirements regarding the content and interpretation of xml:lang are specified in
 XML 1.0 [W3C.REC-xml-20040204], Section 2.12.
  atomCommonAttributes =
     attribute xml:base { atomUri }?,
     attribute xml:lang { atomLanguageTag }?,

Field Summary
protected  String base
protected  String lang
Constructor Summary
AtomCommonAttributes(SyndCommonAttributes value)
Method Summary
 String getBase()
          Gets the value of base.
 String getLang()
          Gets the value of lang.
 Map<QName,String> getOtherAttributes()
          Gets a map that contains attributes that aren't bound to any typed on this class.
 void setBase(String value)
          Sets the value of base.
 void setLang(String value)
          Sets the value of lang.
protected  SyndCommonAttributes toSynd(SyndCommonAttributes value)
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Field Detail


protected String base


protected String lang
Constructor Detail


public AtomCommonAttributes()


public AtomCommonAttributes(SyndCommonAttributes value)
Method Detail


protected SyndCommonAttributes toSynd(SyndCommonAttributes value)


public String getBase()
Gets the value of base.


public void setBase(String value)
Sets the value of base.


public String getLang()
Gets the value of lang.


public void setLang(String value)
Sets the value of lang.


public Map<QName,String> getOtherAttributes()
Gets a map that contains attributes that aren't bound to any typed on this class.

the map is keyed by the name of the attribute and the value is the string value of the attribute. the map returned by this method is live, and you can add new attribute by updating the map directly. Because of this design, there's no setter.

always non-null

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