Class AtomText

  extended by org.apache.wink.common.model.atom.AtomCommonAttributes
      extended by org.apache.wink.common.model.atom.AtomText

public class AtomText
extends AtomCommonAttributes

Text Construct Per RFC4287

 A Text construct contains human-readable text, usually in small quantities. The content of Text
 constructs is Language-Sensitive.
 atomPlainTextConstruct =
       attribute type { "text" | "html" }?,
    atomXHTMLTextConstruct =
       attribute type { "xhtml" },
    atomTextConstruct = atomPlainTextConstruct | atomXHTMLTextConstruct
 o The "type" Attribute
 Text constructs MAY have a "type" attribute. When present, the value MUST be one of "text",
 "html", or "xhtml". If the "type" attribute is not provided, Atom Processors MUST behave as
 though it were present with a value of "text". Unlike the atom:content element defined in Section
 4.1.3, MIME media types [MIMEREG] MUST NOT be used as values for the "type" attribute on Text
   o Text
     Example atom:title with text content:
     ... <title type="text"> Less: < </title> ...
     If the value is "text", the content of the Text construct MUST NOT contain child elements. Such
     text is intended to be presented to humans in a readable fashion. Thus, Atom Processors MAY
     collapse white space (including line breaks) and display the text using typographic techniques
     such as justification and proportional fonts.
   o HTML
     Example atom:title with HTML content:
     ... <title type="html"> Less: <em> &lt; </em> </title> ...
     If the value of "type" is "html", the content of the Text construct MUST NOT contain child
     elements and SHOULD be suitable for handling as HTML [HTML]. Any markup within MUST be escaped;
     for example, "<br>
     " as "<br>". HTML markup within SHOULD be such that it could validly appear directly within an
     HTML <DIV> element, after unescaping. Atom Processors that display such content MAY use that
     markup to aid in its display.
   o XHTML
     Example atom:title with XHTML content:
     ... <title type="xhtml" xmlns:xhtml=""> <xhtml:div> Less: <xhtml:em>
     < </xhtml:em> </xhtml:div> </title> ...
     If the value of "type" is "xhtml", the content of the Text construct MUST be a single XHTML div
     element [XHTML] and SHOULD be suitable for handling as XHTML. The XHTML div element itself MUST
     NOT be considered part of the content. Atom Processors that display the content MAY use the
     markup to aid in displaying it. The escaped versions of characters such as "&" and ">" represent
     those characters, not markup.
     Examples of valid XHTML content:
     ... <summary type="xhtml"> <div xmlns=""> This is <b>XHTML</b>
     content. </div> </summary> ... <summary type="xhtml"> <xhtml:div
     xmlns:xhtml=""> This is <xhtml:b>XHTML</xhtml:b> content.
     </xhtml:div> </summary> ...
     The following example assumes that the XHTML namespace has been bound to the "xh" prefix earlier
     in the document:
     ... <summary type="xhtml"> <xh:div> This is <xh:b>XHTML</xh:b> content. </xh:div> </summary> ...

Field Summary
protected  java.util.List<java.lang.Object> any
protected  AtomTextType type
Fields inherited from class org.apache.wink.common.model.atom.AtomCommonAttributes
base, lang
Constructor Summary
          Create an empty AtomText with no type and no value
AtomText(java.lang.String value)
          Create an AtomText with a type of AtomTextType.TEXT
AtomText(java.lang.String value, AtomTextType type)
          Create an AtomText with the specified value and type
AtomText(SyndText value)
Method Summary
 AtomTextType getType()
          Gets the value of type.
 java.lang.String getValue()
 void setType(AtomTextType type)
          Sets the value of type.
 void setValue(java.lang.String value)
 SyndText toSynd(SyndText value)
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getBase, getLang, getOtherAttributes, setBase, setLang, toSynd
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected java.util.List<java.lang.Object> any


protected AtomTextType type
Constructor Detail


public AtomText()
Create an empty AtomText with no type and no value


public AtomText(java.lang.String value)
Create an AtomText with a type of AtomTextType.TEXT

value - the TEXT value


public AtomText(java.lang.String value,
                AtomTextType type)
Create an AtomText with the specified value and type

value -
type -


public AtomText(SyndText value)
Method Detail


public SyndText toSynd(SyndText value)


public void setValue(java.lang.String value)


public java.lang.String getValue()


public AtomTextType getType()
Gets the value of type.

possible object is AtomTextType


public void setType(AtomTextType type)
Sets the value of type.

value - allowed object is AtomTextType

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