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Packages that use Propertyupdate
org.apache.wink.webdav.model Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements. 

Uses of Propertyupdate in org.apache.wink.webdav.model

Methods in org.apache.wink.webdav.model that return Propertyupdate
 Propertyupdate ObjectFactory.createPropertyupdate()
          Create an instance of Propertyupdate
static Propertyupdate Propertyupdate.unmarshal( is)
          Unmarshal a Propertyupdate object from the provided input stream
static Propertyupdate Propertyupdate.unmarshal( reader)
          Unmarshal a Propertyupdate object from the provided reader

Methods in org.apache.wink.webdav.model with parameters of type Propertyupdate
static void Propertyupdate.marshal(Propertyupdate instance, os)
          Marshal a Propertyupdate object to the provided output stream
static void Propertyupdate.marshal(Propertyupdate instance, writer)
          Marshal a Propfind object to the provided writer

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