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Packages that use AtomGenerator
org.apache.wink.common.model.atom Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements. 

Uses of AtomGenerator in org.apache.wink.common.model.atom

Fields in org.apache.wink.common.model.atom declared as AtomGenerator
protected  AtomGenerator AtomFeed.generator

Methods in org.apache.wink.common.model.atom that return AtomGenerator
 AtomGenerator ObjectFactory.createAtomGenerator()
          Create an instance of AtomGenerator
 AtomGenerator AtomFeed.getGenerator()
          Gets the value of generator.

Methods in org.apache.wink.common.model.atom with parameters of type AtomGenerator
 void AtomFeed.setGenerator(AtomGenerator value)
          Sets the value of generator.

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